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EMMY Award winner, Ward Mankin demonstrates Adobe After Effects
MEVO camera with 150 degree lens- an addition to nFocus Media.
Jib Camera Capabilities for OKC Energy FC



1920 X 1080 resolution provides critical clarity.

nFocus Media is providing visual HD resolutions that speak to your budget. So much of todays completed videos for Corporate or Commercial use are shot in resolutions exceeding necessary limits. Be proud to say that your video was shot in 10K resolution, but who sees the end product in that clarity? Especially when your video is going to reside on Vimeo or YouTube.

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Full High Definition Editing a plus.

New computer systems purchased in late 2015 puts nFocusmedia in the sweet spot to provide full bandwidth clarity to clients. Faster RAM and processing speeds relate to quicker render times and less cost per project. We have made the transition away from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro where collaborated cross functional platforms with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects exist. Provide an artist with the best tools in editing; add some sound effects and roaring majestic music. What more do you need? nFocusmedia provides-

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Format Delivery

Broadcast Quality or what?

Just let us know where you want to debut; YouTube, Vimeo, BrightCove, Broadcast Networks- no worries. From the completed video project nFocusmedia can provide the correct resolution, format or codec necessary in the right packet file to your end user. Remember- like when you're flying the airlines- Sit back, relax, you're in good hands with an editor with a great attitude who loves to please. Understand that intense video editing effects take time, food and good music. nFocusmedia rotoscoped for two days solid. It was worth every frame! Enjoy!

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Staging Ideas

What else can we provide?

nFocusmedia has the jib, lights, mics and camera. If you need GoPro camera's- We got that covered. If you need a Drone or a Red Camera- We have friends at the ready. Need large stage lights, got that covered too. Make-Up artists or writers? No problem. We can go to extreme levels to meet your needs and budget. Need a videographer in India or Norway? Gotcha covered. All parts of the globe, We can travel or we have connections.

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    Experience provides the best solutions.

    We have always found that if you have questions and need solutions that asking someone who's in the know is the best answer. But how does one decipher who's in the know. nFocusmedia in the business of providing direction up front and saving you time and money in the long run for visual services.

    It's in our best interest to guide you in the right direction because the world's a small place and we are here to provide the right solution. We want you to feel as if you're part of family. Welcome home.

    What's New?

    Company founder

    Videowork is our passion.

    Creation of video used to be silent films set to music with no dialogue. All thats changed. Keeping up with the technological advancements in the industry is more than half the fun. We totally embrace that change and find it funny that we must add visual noise effects to make video look old. Ha!  signature

    A video of great joy, sorrow or adventure can be cast by the elements you use to create the mood. For instance, take video of a sunny day in the park, add some blue filters, drop the luminance and contrast; blend a few windy sound effects and you just changed a beautiful day into a cold winter scene that just begs for a warm fireplace and a good book.

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    If you want to see more works, browse the Portfolio.