Monthly Archives: March 2016

EMMY Award winner Ward Mankin, shows off!

Years of working with Adobe After Effects for numerous clients leaves me with just one thought. Whoa, I did all that? I have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with After Effects. I agree that plug-ins help create a more impressive flash to many projects but it's the layering and pic whip usage that impressed me the most. Learning code to increase layer collaboration and the ability of lights and internal camera's inside After Effects takes the Adobe product to an extreme limit that many editors can get lost in.

"I consider it a fun place to be lost" -Ward Mankin

Add that to your minds imagination and there is no stopping the talents of creation within the confines of the boxed media we call video. How do we think outside the box? We do and we don't. We think outside the box in our minds eye but we place it all inside the box for our viewers to consume. The human mind will take your visual medium in a box and expound outside those limits- and that is where dreams reside.

Here is just a sample of the tip of my iceberg and I have so much more to learn. -Ward

Down market builds stature

In light of a down energy market, give thanks to those that uplift your spirit and give a ray of hope that tomorrow will be a better day. We all know that when one door closes, two or more open. To say: "I am a victim of a depressed energy market" is not the correct way to envision you as a person but rather share these words and make it your motto when times are most difficult. You are never alone!


The Strongest People Are Not Those Who Show Strength In Front Of US But Those Who Win Battles We Know Nothing About."

Let these words drive your everyday. Never give up when times are difficult for these are the times to increase endurance; increase beliefs and increase your helping hands. We become stronger by it-